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This is a poem written by Su Shi(1037-1101) a great man of letters and arts of the Northern Song Dynasty, he wrote this poem on the wall of the West Forest Temple at the foot of the Lu Mountain.

If you can read and understand the true meaning behind those lines, that means you know Chinese culture quite well and you may go to China to explore your opportunities, and we wish you good lucks.

If you cannot, you might need us to help you find a true story of China.

The poem can be interpreted like this: if you look at Lu Mountain from the front, it looks like a long mountain ridge; if you look at Lu Mountain from the side, it looks a precipitous mountain peak; if you view the mountain at different distances, its shape changes whenever you move. Why do you always fail to get an accurate and complete picture of Lu Mountain? Because you are inside Lu Mountain and your vision is restricted by your positioning.

Rain Bright Investment Consulting Co.,Ltd.(RBI) is a China based investment consulting firm specialized in Due Diligence, Business Launching, and Sourcing service. We leading you to a right position where you can have a full view of the things you want to know.

RBI sets up a dependable and well-founded business platform for your company, and brings you a reliable partner, a good product ,a true story and clear picture of what you want know about China.




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